Monday, November 21, 2011

Westboro Baptist Church of Topeka

i know that everyone likes to throw stones at Westboro and boy would i like to too. but instead, i'm here to simply dispel some of their idiocies.
first; when i went on their website this morning i found a section titled 'god doesn't make bad things happen, mother nature and satan do.' i can quickly tell you something that makes this bogus. when Westboro came to MY church, i had a small chat with a few of it's members. i didn't get angry, i didn't shout (which was actually really hard for me) but what i said to a woman was this;
"how can you beleive that God hates anyone? God is all-merciful and he loves his children. he can't hate."
"God does hate. he smites the wicked and kills the f@#s. the soldiers deserve to die because God hates them."
"but how can you rationalize hate? god loves us, no matter what we've done wrong. he will always forgive us."
"oh but he'll never forgive those f@#s. never. they hate him. they are disgusting. they are unrighteous and god will kill them all."

all i ask is that if God doesn't make bad things happen, why would i hear this from the mouth of a Westboro member? this conversation goes on for a while where this woman basically just repeated herself indefinately and ended my questions by pushing her sign, which read 'your priest is a f@#', in my face and yelling that i was unjust.
so i walked around the circle of human-haters and came across a woman with two small children standing in front of her. these children were both under the age of 5 and were holding signs with unimaginable (to me) cruel things written on them. words i wouldn't ever want a 20 year old, let alone a 5 year old utter.
i said to this woman;
"do this child even know what this sign says?"
"of course not!" the woman said to me as if i were the crazy one here.
"then why is he holding it? how can he represent something he doesn't understand?"
"he is representing God, he understands that."
to which i nodded. it was a good point.
"but the truth is, God doesn't hate anyone. he would never kill anyone. he loves us."
"he may love me, but he doesn't love you."
"what have i done to deserve gods wrath?" i asked, surprised by the cruelty in her voice.
"you have fornicated, you are an unjust child of god, you have disrespected him in your dress!"
i looked down at myself. i was wearing a just-below-the-knee length dress that went all the way up to my neck. i looked back up at her.
"i am a virgin, i am wearing tasteful, respectful clothes to my church service where i worship a lord who loves, not hates. he has forgiven me for the things i've done, have you asked him to forgive you?"
"i don't need to be forgiven. God loves me."
"let he who has not sinned cast the first stone."
she glared at me and shouted something about soldiers dying. i was already walking away.

my point is this: Westboro Baptist Church of Topeka doesn't understand what they're talking about. if Mr. Phelps is gonna spend so much time educating them, he should at least be doing it right.

Monday, November 7, 2011

Earthquakes and Meditation

so i've been getting really into yoga lately, it hurts my back really bad but it makes the rest of me feel really good. i do at least half an hour daily. well the other day i decided to switch it up and do meditation instead, so i turned on my yoga-meditation video and less than five minutes into it my house shook. i figured it was a neighbor downstairs slamming a door too hard, but then it kept going. as the house soon more and more i began to realize that it was an earthquake. i paused my video and got into the nearest doorway faster than i knew i could move. the earthquake lasted another 15-20 seconds before it ended and i remember literally thinking that i might die. that my ricketty shitty apartment would cave in and i'd be crushed. just as this thought struck me the tremors slowed and then stopped.
needless to say it scared the shit out of me. this is Kansas, we're not supposed to have earthquakes in Kansas. but apparently the Humbolt Fault Line, which basically runs right through Kansas, has been getting more and more active since 2007, this was simply the big one and now they expect the activity to go back down again. we'll see.
as for me. i kind of enjoyed the danger of it.