Wednesday, October 26, 2011


i have a friend named Matthew and he and i have been friends for six or so years and we've always been close. able to talk about everything. but he's uncomfortable with me talking about religion, he says it smothers him, and i respect that. i don't bring it up unless he does first and then we have ineresting, wonderful conversation. but after last week when his mom attempted suicide he's been doing drugs just about every night. and he feels the need to text me about it every time he does. it literally feels like he's rubbing it in my face. and i care about this man, he's my friend and i love him and he's treating me like crap by rubbing in my face that he's a stoner. so i confronted him about it and his response (after about 15 minutes of talking) was:
 "look, i support you being a Catholic. why can't you support me being a stoner?"
needless to say i responded by chucking my phone across the room and bursting into tears. and the reason for this reaction is because he's my friend and i care about him. i love him. and it hurts me to know that he's trying to hurt me. especially by comparing my Catholicism to his Stonerism. he knew that would strike a chord and that hurts me just as much as what he actually said. it makes me feel like i'm not worth the effort of at least trying. i used to matter to him.
the moral of the story is: please actually care about your friends, because some of us bleed for you.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Helping Hands

i live quite a ways from campus and have no car so i walk home. well it's past dark and i had to walk home, like i do every night, but this time i didn't have one of my big man-friends to guard me on the way like they usually do. i was walking through the bad side of town on my way to my crappy but adorable apartment and a small, white truck pulls up next to me. i try not to look, terrified i'm going to be raped and murdered and i hear;
"what the hell are you doing?"
i look up to see a good friend of mine from high school whom i haven't seen in a few months.
i laughed and said "i'm walking home."
"where do you live?"
"insert my adress here."
"hell no, get in the car. you're not walking that far."
so i got in the car and he drove me home like a true gentleman. i'm telling this story because i feel like my friend who drove me whom, his name is Kendall, i feel like he's a dying breed. and that seriously depresses me. more people should take a page from this young man's book. he's always been respectful, funny, chivalrous, kind, thoughtful and loving. and that's what every human being, every man, should be. but sadly, most people these days are selfish, gluttonous, immature, jerks. as demonstrated by the pick up line served to me today:
a tall man walked up to me today, put his arm around me and said,"i have a king size bed and it feels real empty without your naked body in it."
no surprise, i laughed, told him 'nice try' and left.
why can't more men be like Kendall?

Saturday, October 22, 2011

The Family

So this weekend i'm visiting my family. i haven't seen them in a while. all my little brothers are very grown up and my sister is just as crazy as ever. i love them all. i've missed being around this house, in the hustle and bustle of family life. but at the same time, i'm enjoying my vacation from it. i refer to it as a vacation because i know that it's simply a pause in my life until i get married and have the hustle and bustle of my own family. i can't wait for those days to come. i hope i'm a good mom and a good wife. we'll have to see :)
stick around to find out :D

Tuesday, October 18, 2011


today i get to see my very best friend in the whole wide world for the first time in two months! i cannot tell you how much i've missed her!!!! anyway! it's gonna be awesome. we're gonna have lunch at my work cus they all wanna meet her, and then i'm gonna bring her up to school to meet some friends there. anyway. it's gonna be the best day ever. Phineas and Ferb, i've got you beat.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

CHWC "Heroes" skit

What Irks P.S. Hathaway more than anything else on earth?

well, let's begin with ignorance. if you do'nt know what you're tlaking about, don't talk about it. because those of us who do know what we're talking about, know what we're talking about, and you won't change our minds, especially if you're giving century-old-proven-wrong-a-million-ways dumb-ass arguments. i'm a catholic, there i said it. and being yelled at and put down for that is just plain stupid. why can't we all just love each other? why is it that when you learn i'm a catholic you say "oh, we can't be friends." or "oh yay! i'm gonna save you!". just let me be! i let you be. so do all true Catholics. so do most other people in the world. but it's that few people who prefer to disrespect me, my friends, my religion and my god that i simply cannot stand. this is why the world is in turmoil, because we can't accept and love others for who they really are. being Catholic is not a defect in me. being Catholic is not something that affects how i look at you, or our friendship. just accept it as a fact and move on.
this same goes for gays, Buddhists, protestants, gingers, fat people, blondes. these are stupid, childish stereotypes that others chose to put on people to make themselves feel better. it's ridiculous that anyone with a shred of education would put any stock in something like that. i'm a person just like you, but guess what? i educate myself because i care how i look to others. i want to correctly represent the things that i know to be fact, that speak to my heart and that i've learned to be true through facts and evidence. if you choose to ignore it, i don't care. but if you're gonna be a dick about it, don't talk to me because one of these days i'm gonna go off on someone and you better hope it isn't you.

Monday, October 10, 2011

Babies and onion rings

so i got my onion rings and now i'm happy :)
today a friend of mine brought in her baby, little miss Trista. she's a doll. she's so beautiful. i love that baby. anyway. so this baby's favourite thing to do with me is to kneel on my tummy and hold my hair in her hands, not pull it, and just stare at my face. it's crazy. and her mom just stared at her for a solid 10 minutes and was like "whoa. she never sits still like this. she never stares at ppl like this. what the heck?" and i just smiled at my beautiful miss trista. i'm so glad she loves me. i told my best friend this story and she responded "you know it's said that you know you're beautiful when a baby stares at you. the longer they stare the more beautiful you are." and all i could say was "dude, she stared at me until her mother had to leave."
so apparently to babies i'm beautiful. now i just need men to think the same thing.

Algebra and 5 Dollars

so it's well known knowledge here at my college that i'm the girl who chucks twinkies at her Algebra teacher when he's not looking. yes, he does give me extra credit. but what i didn't know was that i'm also known as "that one girl who knows everyone and is really nice." i was told this by a complete stranger and was taken by surprise. but i'm a nice person and i'm really really glad that people think of me that way. i try to be understanding and loving of everyone simply because i love everyone. so anyway, that just made my heart happy and i thot i should share it with the world.
the 5 dollars segment of this post is basically just gonna be me complaining about not having any money. i have no money, i do'nt get paid until tomorrow and i'm hungry and sitting at the student deli here at school wishing really bad that i could have something to eat. i have 5 dollars and 60 cents which is plenty for a meal but i'm trying to decide whether to have my meal now, or after my 230 class. but then again, i think that today i just wanna go home after my 230 class cuz it always wipes me out and i work tomorrow anyway. ugh. i'm gonna go buy some onion rings and a mountain dew throwback, cuz they're both really cheap. thanks for the help non-existant people :D

you know what i just realized. blogs are basically just going insane and talking to yourself, but on the internet where anyone can read it. isn't that great?
sleep well.

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Manga and Anime

so my roommate has officially gotten me addicted to manga and it's corresponding anime. and vise versa. i think. all i've read and watched so far is all of Fruits Basket and half of Vampire Knight.
people may say that vampires are overdone and stuff, but i really do like vampire stories. you can do a million different things with vampires even if they are all similar in some ways. it's very interesting.
my friends are giving me lists and lists of things they think i'll like and things like that. it's kinda hilarious to watch. :)